Dulinor Astrin Ilethian

Archduke of Ilelish, born in 1066.

Emperor Strephon saw something in Dulinor that other somehow missed.  His willingness to cut through to the heart of the problem was not necessarily a virtue to many of the established, conservative nobility.  Many criticized Strephon when he elevated Dulinor to Archduke in 1104.  In the years following, many felt that criticism justified.  The popular Archduke Bedlam by conspiracy novelist Akim Gavrolovitch even depicted the Archduke claiming the Iridium Throne by right of assassination.

Yet at the same time, Dulinor was responsible for great advances in his subjects' standard of living.  He established policies for the dissemination of technology; he instituted a universal draft (increasing training and education); he was vocal in his criticism of conservative forces in the Imperium.

Dulinor has made great strides in his years as archduke, fighting the conservative elements of Imperial society and the vastness of the Imperium itself.  His own public statements have reflected a growing dissatisfaction with the empire and with its emperor.

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