Zhodani Calendar

The Zhodani calendar is based on the period of Zhdant (the Zhodani homeworld) around Pliebr, its star.

Basic Units

The basis for Zhodani time-keeping is the thequzdij (olympiad).  A thequzdij equals three chten (Zhodani year); the chten is 244.44 zhdanstial (Zhodani days) long.  A thequzdij is 825.6 standard days long; a chten is 275.19 standard days in length.  A zhdanstial is 27.02 hours long.  Three shten make a thequzdij and total 733 zhdanstial; every third thequzdij is 734 zhdanstial long.  Each chten is divided into six shidr (seasons) of 40 zhdanstial each.  Between the seasons are distinct holidays which celebrate the transition from one to the other.

Base Point

The Zhodani calendar counts time from the first Olympiad, held in -6741.  The Zhodani date 3474.3 corresponds to the Imperial date 1120.

Date Format

A Zhodani date is expressed as thequzdij.chten shidr/zhdanstial.  For example, 3471.1 Atrint/28 is the 28th day of the season of Raining in the first year aof the 3471st olympiad.  A holiday name may be substituted for shidr/zhdanstial: the date 3473.1 Viepchaklstial is Moon Day (the 41st day of the year) of the first year of the 3473rd Olympiad.

Seasons and Holidays

The Zhodani chten is divided into a sequence of seasons and holidays:
Dranzhrin (Sunbright):
The vernal equinox, when days and nights are of equal length.  Dranzhrin is New Year's Day.
Atrint (Raining):
The season of spring rains and crop planting.
Viepchaklstial (Moon Day):
Originally a religious holiday associated with Viepchakl; now a festival of wild abandon.
Vrienstial (Heat):
The hot summer season.
Dranzhrinatch (Sunflight):
The autumnal equinox; the point when days and nights are of equal length.
Atchafser (Waning):
The season when the heat of midyear breaks and tempers.
Ataniebl (Harvest):
The season of harvesting mature crops.
Kazdievlstial (Thanksgiving):
A traditional harvest festival.
Atshtiavl (Chill):
The season of freezing winter.
Thequzastial (Olympiad Day):
A special holiday every third year; consul elections results are announced, as are winners of the Psionic Games.  Every third Olympiad, Atlthequzastial (a second Olympiad Day) is held immediately after Thequzstial; it serves as a leap year day.
Atpaipr (Thaw):
The season of melting ice.
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