Vilani Settlement of Trojan Reach Sector

During its decline, a revolt led the First Imperium to abandon its scattered settlements in Corridor sector.  These isolated outposts proved unable to maintain trade in the face of vargr piracy.  Surviving records state that several groups took their old, failing starships and left to find safer worlds in Reft and Trojan Reach.

Evidence of the Vilani presence has been found on multiple worlds in these two sectors.  Most finds are dated between -2300 and -1700.  Experts generally attribute the occasional site with earlier or later estimated dates to starship crews stranded by misjumps or some other such mishap.

Most of the Vilani settlements in Reft died out long before the advent of the Third Imperium.  The Trojan Reach colonies fared somewhat better, at least for a while.  In -2074 they formed a small state known today as the Sindalian Empire.  The Sindalian emperors ruled with iron fists prompting a 50-year period of civil dissent that culminated in a bout of bacteriological warfare.  The civilization of old Sindal - now Noricum (2018 Trojan Reach; D8867BB-1) collapsed, and the Empire itself fell in -1441.

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