Turin Consolidation

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Turin Consolidation: Member state of the Solomani Confederation. The Consolidation began with a group of religious emigres who fled Terra during the Interstellar Wars. Bearing many relics and cultural icons with them, the Turin settlers never wavered in their piety. The Consolidation has long been the home of the Brotherhood of SenWenclus, an ancient religious order, and the elite fighting force called the Knights of St. George.

The Brotherhood and the Knights work hand in hand in spreading their faith across human space. The Brotherhood's priests have often called on the Knights to help "convert" worlds unresponsive to the message. During the Solomani Rim War, the Knights stood among the Solomani's fiercest fighters. Absolutely committed to their cause, the Knights undergo at least five years of rigorous religious and military schooling. -sta S&A