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Suedzuk: Amdukan, Trenchans, and trailing. These Vargr were displaced from Gashikan and Mendan by violence soon after the Sack of Gashikan. The Vargr Enclaves region is not heavily populated, and the Suedzuk form interstellar states less often. This group tends to remain isolated and disinclined to involve itself in affairs spinward.

Humans in Mendan and Gashikan call them "the Red Vargr," alluding to both the occurrence of reddish fur and the blame given them for the bloodshed resulting from the Sack of Gashikan. Humans well integrated into a racially mixed society, and even some Vargr, treat the Suedzuk with disdain.

Suedzuk packs are not as loose as elsewhere, tending to be closed and enduring. Packs of adolescents often remain intact throughout their lives, forming strong personal bonds. -cul V&V