Solomani Calendar

The Solomani calendar is based on the Terran western calendar.  Its year is the period of revolution of Terra, the human homeworld, around its star Sol.  The year is divided into 365 days, with every fourth year having 366.

Basic Units

The Solomani year is 365.25 days long.  Each day is 24 hours long.  Ten years make a decade; 100 years make a century.  Years are divided into named months with an arbitrary number of days in each.  For convenience, the months are numbered from one to 12, and the days of the month numbered from one to 31 (months have between 28 and 31 days).

Base Point

The Solomani calendar uses as its base point an arbitrary date computed to be the birth year of Christ.

Date Format

A date is expressed and month/day/year.  For example, 1/1/5500 is the first day of the first month of the year 5500.  The month name, when known, can be substituted for the month number.  The Solomani year 5641 corresponds to the Imperial date 1120.

-RC kt