Shurgi Main

The Shurgi Main is a branch of the Vland Main, and was settled early in the First Imperium.  The Corridor sector was first entered at the world Sharkhagu (3235 Corridor) by ships of the Sharurshid Merchant Company out of Sakin (0135 Vland).  Sharkhagu, only one jump away, strongly resembled Sakin and the colony there has maintained close relations with the mother planet throughout its history - it never requested independence and remains a Sakin colony to this day.

At Cafad (3135 Corridor), a low-tech human minor race was discovered.  The Vilani efforts to integrate the Cafad humans into their Grand Imperium progressed slowly.  The world relapsed into barbarism at the onset of the Long Night.  After centuries of contact with the Third Imperium, Cafad has only now started to re-embrace technology.

Igudi (2836 Corridor) discarded most technology during the Long Night.  Its climate is quite hospitable and the inhabitants grew to prefer an essentially pastoral existence.  Certain native animals have been domesticated for food and wool.  The populace has shown very little inclination to technological advancement since contact with the Third Imperium in 68. Interstellar merchants visit only occasionally.

Palama (3240 Corridor) was only recently colonized because its resources were not detected until the TL15 density survey.  Its dense tainted atmosphere made it unattractive to ordinary colonists before this time.

The Shurgi Main is commercially and psychologically part of the Imperial Core, in the Vilani cultural area.

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