Reformed Dootchen Estates

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Reformed Dootchen Estates: Member state of the Solomani Confederation. The Estates grew from a single settlement of white South Africans. Unable to accept the sharing of political power with the nation's black majority, they were offered a chance to emigrate. The would-be settlers agreed, and they divided the land of their world - Tralp - into numerous agricultural estates. During the Long Night, population growth forced younger sons to look to neighboring worlds for land. At the same time, the Dootchen worlds instituted a slave system. The "inferior" populations of those raided worlds were brought back to work for the Landholders.

Today, the Dootchen Estates are a caste society. Although they treat their slaves well, the ruling Landholders own everything and everyone, including all political power. Occasionally, younger Landholder sons launch raids against the Imperium or neighboring Confederation states. Nonetheless, the Estates bask in the Confederation's favor. Their racial philosophies harmonize with those of the Cause, and they wholeheartedly support the Movement. The Landholders unfailingly provide military assistance to the central government, which often summons them to put down rebellions on other worlds. -sta S&A