Rachele Society

Secret Vilani supremacist group founded on Pretoria / Pretoria by Zid Rachele in 992.  Genocidal policies favored by the group culminated in the attempted takeover of the Pretorian government in 1010.  An attempt at nuclear blackmail backfired when 26,000 people (including 1,900 Rachelean commandos) were killed by a nuclear explosion after the Society seized Imperial Scout facilities on Saki (Deneb / Pretoria).  Zid Rachele disappeared in 1015 after escaping from the prison world Exile in Usani subsector (Deneb / Usani 1928).

In 1103, Zid Rachele and the Rachele Society surfaced again in Lishun in a brief power play at the Dynam Naval Depot (Lishun / Masionia 1219).  Rachele and his followers attempted the theft of several mothballed naval warships but were quickly defeated.  Zid Rachele's vessel was destroyed in the battle.

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