Protectorate of Cthonia

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Protectorate of Cthonia: Member state of the Solomani Confederation. A mutual defense and trading coalition, the Protectorate worries about its uneasy position on the Imperial border. It maintains a large, sophisticated fleet against this threat, independent of Confederation control. Although legally entitled to such a navy by the Charter, the Cthonian armada has given cause for concern to Confederation officials.

The Confederation might well intervene, if it were not for the Cthonian Navy's unique training methods. The Cthonians employ an innovative technique - "electro-psychoanalysis" to the popular media - which combines psychological testing with intense study of neural activity. Using this technique, the Cthonians can single out future leaders at a very young age and recruit them into military schools. As the Protectorate has recently opened the program to other Solomani worlds, the Confederation stands more to gain by leaving the Cthonians in peace. -sta S&A