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Ovaghoun: Language and cultural region in the Vargr Extents. Includes the trailing quarter of Provence, Windhorn, and Meshan. These were rich Imperial regions taken over by the Vargr during the Vargr Pillaging (-2400 to -1700). While the region is predominantly Vargr, the sparse Vilani population was not significantly displaced. The original Vargr immigrants were pressed into the surrounding areas, and to this day still tend to collect in densely populated fringe communities, with the human populations living at the center of the older, larger communities.

Human presence and involvement have done much to stabilize the political environment. In fact, the Vargr have adopted much of the Vilani culture into their own, sometimes taking on patterns very familiar to Imperials.

At the same time, however, the Vargr often resent having to live "in the humans' shadow". The ownership of companies, land, and oftentimes political positions frequently reside disproportionately in the hands of humans. -cul V&V