New Slavic Solidarity

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New Slavic Solidarity: Member state of the Solomani Confederation. Many of the Solidarity worlds were first settled during the Interstellar Wars by Terran emigres fleeing political unification at home. European and Russian in origin, the colonies never enjoyed official backing, and their early days saw primitive conditions and much hardship. During the Long Night, the worlds banded together to defend against piracy and raiding, preserving their shared Slavic language and culture in the process.

Presently, most of the worlds have passed from military rule, now being governed by bureaucracies and democracies. Relationships with the Confederation are strained at times, as the Solidats value their heritage of independence. The Slavs have filed protests over Confederation meddling in their internal affairs, but as yet the conflict is not heated, for the Solidats support the Confederation military as a counter to both the Hierate and Imperium. -sta S&A