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Logaksu: Language and cultural region in the Vargr Extents. This is an irregular bubble around Lair (2402 Provence A8859B9-F) about 20 to 30 parsecs in radius, plus adjacent areas not included in other groups. Most of this region is the original area colonized during the First Diaspora.

The region has normal volatility for Vargr space, but a distinct stability remains inherent in the patterns. Governments superficially change, but remain similar in form and boundaries. Merchant companies come and go, but the trading lanes tend to stay the same. Even styles follow recognizable cycles of varying length. However, the region has gone through periods of cataclysmic change where all recognizable patterns and cycles were disrupted. These periods occurred in -2400, -1400, and -200. Each lasted about a century and divided distinctive epochs in the region's history. Imperial xenologists believe the region is overdue for another period of great change. -cul V&V