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The kian is a widely-used riding beast and beast of burden.  In the years since its discovery early in the settlement of the Spinward Marches it was distributed throughout the Imperium.  Although never so common as the Terran horse and its relatives, kian are a familair sight on human-habitable worlds thoughout Imperial territory, and are used on Capital as ceremonial mounts for the Household Cavalry Regiment of the Imperial Guard.

Kian are bipedal, furred, long-necked, herbivorous grazers.  They are quite hardy, with excellent eyesight and hearing, and are easily able to carry a fully-equipped human at high speeds.  Their thick fur and subcutaneous fat makes them highly immune to parasites, and quite amenable to cold environments.  Their colors include brown, gold, yellow, and black.  in appearance, they look like mammalian version of Terran flightless birds such as the ostrich, emu, or moa, with features reminiscent of giraffes and antelope, and a luxuriant brushlike tail.

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