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Khaukheairl: Aslan clan. Member of the Tlaukhu. Historically enemies, Yerlyaruiwo and Khaukheairl are still outspoken rivals, as a result of ancient disputes. Yet, the apparent enmity is merely superficial. These two actually cooperate more than any other pair of power blocs, in spite of their retoric. They have gone to each others aid on a number of occasions, and frequently intermarry.

Members of Khaukheairl exhibit their status more than members of Yerlyaruiwo clan do. Their manors are impressively large, and their envoy ships are luxurious. Khaukheairl nobility usually insist on every formality, especially those that distinguish rank.

This clan is the leading patron of Aslan art and culture. Much as Imperial nobility might sponsor famous orchestras, theaters, art galleries, and conservatories, the nobility of Khaukheairl support equivalent Hierate institutions. Many of the most widely known artists and art treasures can be found among Khaukheairl clan. -tlau S&A