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Irilitok: Language and cultural region in the Vargr Extents. Violently anti-Vargr attitudes made Vargr settlements rare during the Long Night in Mendan, Gashikan, and parts of Trenchans and Amdukan.

About -1000, humaniti began taking Vargr as slaves, selecting those with a more "human-like" appearance. These were Vargr with large, "expressive" eyes, shorter snouts, and a reduced tendency to stoop. On some worlds where their reproduction was left unchecked, the slave population eventually grew to dominate the world. At the same time, additional Vargr from Meshan began moving into the region as attitudes relaxed.

Especially since the Julian War, this group is known for having the most cooperative inclinations with humaniti. They also tend to be the most comfortable Vargr for humans to deal with. Elsewhere, Vargr and humans generally segregate themselves into their own societies. In this region, the division between Vargr and human societies is blurred, and on some worlds all but absent. -cul V&V