InsidAtmos is a starship qualification rating that permits access to Insidious Atmosphere worlds (UWP rating C).  The InsidAtmos rating is on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the hardest environment.

Worlds with a C atmospheric UWP are being rated on the InsidAtmos scale, and only ships of an equal or higher qualification will be permitted to enter orbit at such worlds.

InsidAtmos qualification for starships may only be obtained at Imperial Class A starports at a Tech Level of E or above, and are valid for one year.  Once obtained, the rating may be renewed either at one of those starports, or at an InsidAtmos world of equal rating.  Ships rated at InsidAtmos5 renewing at an InsidAtmos2 world would only be recertified at InsidAtmos2 qualification.

A ship's InsidAtmos rating is built into the transponder code.  Not only is it a violation of Imperial Law to interfere with a transponder, but falsifying an InsidAtmos rating is considered a crime of the utmost severity.  Ships with InsidAtmos rating are subject to surprise spot checks at any time, and refusal of such a check is considered on a par with falsification.

These ratings were introduced after the Pannet (2519 Spinward Marches; E9C5677-7) disaster of 1121.

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