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Hlyueawi: Originally a vassal to Hrawoao clan, Hlyueawi rose to power during the Yerlyaruiwo-Tralyeaeawi War. Members of Hlyueawi were renowned experts in strategy and political science, a few of whom produced classical and widely read treatises on these subjects. The clan regularly provided advisors to the rest of the Yerlyaruiwo bloc. But, during the growing instability of the Yerlyaruiwo-Tralyeaeawi War, Hlyueawi struck out on its own.

Through clever planning, the Hlyueawi arranged the fall of Uawairlew, a major clan also of the Yerlyaruiwo bloc, in 3120 Aslan (652 Imperial). It took over most Uawairlew assets, and replaced that clan on the seat among the 29. Hlyueawi quickly sided with the Isoihyro to consolidate itself, quickly gaining a respectable ranking. -tlau S&A