Hanuman Systems

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Hanuman Systems: Member state of the Solomani Confederation. The Hanuman Systems lie at the Confederation's trailing border. The Hanuman Systems owe their name to the local religion, an unusual mix of old Terran Hinduism and modern evolutionary theory. The Systems' inhabitants believe Hanuman - the Hindu monkey god - to be the patron deity of all primates, including humans. They have gained a widespread reputation for their frequent ceremonies and devotions.

Interestingly, the Hanuman religion intrigued Hiver merchants across the border. While Hiver culture as a whole ignores religion, many Hivers found their curiosity and need for individuality engaged. One trader nest invented a deity, Palibat, to serve as racial patron for the Hivers. Worship of Palibat spread as the Hiver merchants travelled, and the priests of Hanuman eventually saw fit to officially endorse it.

This unorthodox, jointly held creed has long helped smooth relations between the Solomani and the Hive Federation. For this reason, it has withstood the disapproval of conservative Party officials dismayed by the cultural merger of Solomani and non-humans. Most Party members see the Hanuman-Palibat faith as beneficial, however. In addition to the thousands who visit annually as diplomats and businessmen, many more come simply as tourists. -sta S&A