Language and cultural region in the Vargr Extents.  This region roughly encompasses the vertical line of sectors including Ghoekhnael, Knoellighz, Gvurrdon, and the Spinward MarchesVargr were attracted to this area for the interaction with the Zhodani Consulate.  Interstellar trade is particularly strong throughout this length: some would call it feverish.

At the same time, this tends to be the most politically volatile region of vargr space.  States, while often large, are very short lived, and their boundaries constantly shift.  Wars are a regular occurrence.  On an individual level, Gvegh vargr have historically had a stronger inclination to be mercurial and rash.

Not surprisingly, because of their proximity to the Zhodani Consulate, there are more vargr in this region who are psionically trained than elsewhere in Vargr space.  Psionic research groups sometimes occur with great regularity near the Zhodani border in the Extents.

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