Galactic Enquirer

(formerly Spinward Enquirer)

A news publication with a reputation for outlandish and speculative reporting.  Originally started as the Spinward Enquirer in the Spinward Marches in the late 1060's, it was renamed the Galactic Enquirer when distribution expanded into Deneb sector in 1120.

It is available most commonly as a newspaper, although electronic publication is also available in certain systems.

While most stories are considered pure fabrications by all but the publication's most avid followers, the editors insist otherwise.  They say:

"We believe all our stories are true.  We do not, however, fact-check any stories submitted by our reporters, as we know they have already verified their sources.  Our trustworthy reporting team is what makes us more reliable than mainstream publications, who must constantly double-check their stories to avoid printing anything that is not true."

It is rumored that from time to time, thriller writer Akim Gavrolovitch contributed stories to the Spinward Enquirer, although he denied this during his lifetime.

-cam MW