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Eiyosa: Aslan name for a popular herd animal imported to many Aslan worlds from Heline (1005 Dark Nebula C665866-2), a non-aligned world in Alakh subsector. (Heline is currently owned by Pannusgario, two parsecs away.)

Eiyosa are warmblooded and thickly furred hexapods. They can reach 400 kg at maturity, at least 60% of which will be lean meat. If allowed to run wild, they care for themselves quite well, and can fight off most nonsentient predators with ease. Some Aslan prefer to raise them in this manner in order to have the thrill of hunting them. Eiyosa can, however, adapt to domestication. If kept in pasture, their branching horns and leg spurs are usually removed to make fights between the males less damaging.

While the eiyosa do feed their young with milk, they are rarely milked, and the strong-flavored cheese made from their milk is definitely an acquired taste. Their fur can be woven into sturdy textiles. -dn TD 17