Digest Touring Award

Outstanding journalism award offered every seven years by the Travellers' Digest magazine (a popular magazine with a wide circulation in the spinward sectors of the Imperium, available on either plastic vellum or electronic media).

The recipient, who must be a professional journalist living and working "behind the claw," is given honorary membership in the Traveller's Aid Society (worth one million credits); he or she is then expected to travel through the region during the tenure of the award and to submit a feature article about his or her latest journey once every thirteen weeks.  The intent of the Digest with this award is to "promote understanding of the cultural diversity within the Imperium."

The previous winner of the award in 1114 is Silenia Stensen, a well known journalism professor from the Torri Institute on Trin (3235 Spinward Marches).  The most recent recipient in 1121 is Teresa Halyani, a still photojournalist from Plankwell University on Rhylanor (2716 Spinward Marches).

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