Currency, Imperial

The basic unit of legal tender in the Imperium is the Imperial credit. Individual worlds may issue their own currencies, and those currencies may or may not be acceptable on other worlds. Similarly, corporations and megacorporations may issue scrip, and its acceptance outside of the corporate environment is a matter of conjecture. But Imperial credits are accepted everywhere in the Imperium and in many locations outside of it.

For very large amounts of money, the megacredit (often abbreviated MCr) represents a total of one million credits.  Less commonly used is the kilocredit (abbreviated kCr) which represents a total of one thousand credits.

Imperial credits are almost impossible to counterfeit because of their unique method of manufacture. Plastic fibers are combined under high temperature and pressure and extruded as a rectangular bundle of great length. The different colored fibers form the pattern of the bill. It is not printed on but actually made a part of the structure of the note. The bundle is sliced to paper thinness, and a 14-digit alphanumeric (letter/number combination) is added for uniqueness. Credit bills are issued in 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 10,000 credit denominations. Plastic coins, manufactured in a similar manner in various shapes, are issued in quarter, half, one, and five credit denominations. Imperial credits can be bulky in large enough quantities. Bills measure 75 millimeters x 125 millimeters; 1000 bills stand 50 millimeters high and weigh 500 grams.

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