Corridor Chronicles

The Corridor Chronicles is a comprehensive guide to the history, locales, and peoples of Corridor sector.  Founded on Kaasu in 183, the Chronicles share similarities with both the Argushiigi Admegulasha Bilanidin (AAB) of Vland and the Traveller News Service (TNS).  However, the Chronicles' main orientation is toward the history and culture of the sector, whereas the AAB is a true general encyclopedia, and the TNS is a full-fledged news network.

The Chronicles contain information on the worlds of Corridor sector, their histories, peoples, cultures, and economies, sector nobility, popular ideologies, and other topics.  The Chronicles are completely revised every four years, although periodic updates appear more often.

As the sector's most illustrious civilian information gathering service, the Chronicles still strive to uphold their motto, "Faithful to the Truth".  Often, two or more reporters from the Chronicles will be assigned to cover a story from different angles just to ensure unbiased coverage.

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