Codices of Aosoilte

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Codices of Aosoilte: A series of books written in the archaic Saktah language, claimed to date back to ancient times on Kusyu. Few have ever seen the Codices, much less read them, but the books supposedly contain the complete history of the Iaki people, among other subjects.

The Iaki clan today rules Eakhta (1118 Ealiyasiyw), a major industrial world. Each Iakiko teaches his eldest son the Saktah language and secret traditions, then confers ownership of the Codices. This occurs before the son assumes the duties of clan patriarch; the would-be ko must translate and study Aosoilte's works before his ascension to power.

The Codices have been the subject of much speculation. Always hidden and heavily guarded, never translated or revealed to the public, reason would suggest that they are more than mere histories. All that is truly known is that they are the Iaki clan's greatest treasure. -eal TD 18