Chanestin Kingdom

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Chanestin Kingdom: One important rival to the Sylean Federation (which later became the Third Imperium) was the Chanestin Kingdom of Dunea subsector of Core. Originating on Keshi (1938 Core), the militaristic empire of the Chanestin dynasty extended a feudal rule over som twenty-five star systems within a five-parsec radius. The Keshi conquests began when technology declined on Keshi's neighboring planets while Keshi retained jumpdrive. The Chanestins were careful to consolidate each new planetary takeover before moving on, so the core of their pocket empire proved a solid base for new expeditions.

Once established, rule by the Chanestins was not particularly harsh, except in the suppression of uprisings. Sylean trader-emissaries, however, arriving in -107, received very short shrift when they spoke of the growing Federation, bound together by economic self-interest and mutual defense. The summary execution of the "spies" brought the Syleans in force against the Chanestin systems when a much more peaceable meeting could have been arranged in the absence of such paranoia.

War lasted well into Cleon's reign and was a chief reason for the defensive architecture of the first Imperial palace. -core TD 10