Bootean Federation

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Bootean Federation: Member state of the Solomani Confederation. One of Terra's first major colonization efforts, the worlds of the rich Near Bootes Cluster prospered throughout the Rule of Man. Even when the Long Night fell, the 18 worlds of the Near Bootes Union survived almost unscathed. By Dawn, the Union was a major political and economic power. When the Solomani Autonomous Region was established, many Union officials stepped forward to take key positions in the new government. The Union became the Federation, and one of its Chairmen, Karl Scott, co-authored the Charter.

Where in earlier times the Booteans led Confederation politics, more recently they have opposed Party policy and growing SolSec power. Large segments of the Federation leadership endorse the Reform Movement, even going so far as to grant membership to the aliens of Labrys. In 5630 AD, two Booteans - Joshua Dahvin and Kathleen Ryan-Cox - became High Councilors despite right-wing efforts to block their appointment. The two have boldly spoken out in an effort to temper Party aggressiveness with typical Bootean tolerance. -sta S&A