Apostles of Clarke's Law, The

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Apostles of Clarke's Law, The: The Apostles trace their faith back to the Interstellar Wars, when a group of military researchers who were fleeing forced labor decided to found a colony on Oppenheimer (2138 Neworld A5909A9-E). The scientists dedicated their new home to the peaceful pursuit of advanced technology. Oppenheimer was sacked during the Long Night, but the scientists managed to preserve remnants of their science. Regarded with awe by the struggling population, they came to fill a priestly role.

In the centuries since, the tech-priest Apostles have absorbed much new technology, and they preach that advancements in such sciences are a way of reaffirming the Godhead within all men. They have been found proselytizing about the Sphere, bringing religiously-shrouded technology to low-tech worlds. There have been reports of Apostles being lynched on Sanctaterrists worlds, and they are in constant, violent conflict with the Society for the Sovereignty of Man over Machine (SSMM). The Apostles of Clarke's Law worship their tools and always recite prayers over them before performing any technical task. -rel S&A