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Air/Raft: Also known as a flier, the air/raft relies on solid state anti-grav modules for lift and propulsion. Four independent, individually replaceable modules insure a maximum of safety, in that each provides one-quarter of the vehicle's total lift. A standard air/raft masses about four tons, and can carry a payload of about four tons, including pilot and 3 passengers. Cruising speed is usually 100kph, with unlimited range and endurance. The normal air/raft is open-topped and subject to the effects of weather and climate.

The major drawbacks to the air/raft are its low load capacity, its relatively slow speed, and its susceptibility to weather (both the negative effects of bad weather on passengers and the slowing effects of high winds and buffeting).

Most air/rafts are capable of reaching orbit (occupants should wear vacc suits) but the trip will take several (6 to 12) hours). Most air/rafts can also be overloaded with passengers (a maximum of eight can fit with minimal comfort) so long as tonnage maximum is not exceeded. -ld TP