The origins of this megacorporation reach back beyond the Age of Enlightenment on early Kusyu.   From a corporation providing ground transportation, it became an independent interstellar line soon after Yerlyaruiwo gave jump drive to all clans in 474 Aslan (-1667 Imperial).  It specialized in the mass transport of colonists and their cargo, and provided many products and services important in establishing those colonies.

As the expense of transporting ihatei to the distant frontiers increased, Otaiokeh turned to alternatives.  Today, it leads the Hierate in terraforming and the construction of space habitats, arcologies, gravitic and undersea cities, and such communities in other hostile environments.

Still, Otaiokeh has not abandoned its colony transport fleet.  In fact, its massive ships run a brisk business across the Great Rift under the administration of the Lakht Aorlakht.

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