Megacorporation specializing in the manufacture of information storage and processing equipment and software, computers, robots, and other complex electronic devices.  The firm is a Vilani corporation of uncertain lineage, but it is known to have been in business prior to the founding of the Sylean Federation.  Naasirka is the largest supplier of communications equipment to the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service's xboat branch, and the leading manufacturer of robots in the Imperium.

Stock Ownership: Imperial family, 4 percent; investment trust, 24 percent; noble families, 23 percent; Hortalez et Cie, 11 percent; Sternmetal Horizons, 6 percent; Ling Standard Products, 4 percent; General Products, 3 percent; Igsiirdi family, 13 percent; private ownership, 11 percent.

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