Makhidkarun specializes in the communications, entertainment, and software industries.  The firm produces fine musical recordings of all types, two- and three dimensional motion pictures, books, magazines, and art reproductions of all sorts.  Its communication division produces data processing, storage, and retrieval equipment and the requisite software.  A gourmet foods division trades in all manner of rare and expensive foods, wines, and delicacies.  Its software division has pioneered many of the significant advances in artificially intelligent robots using synaptic brains.

It also provides passenger and freight service to all of the Imperium.  Operations in these areas are confined to the established trade routes.

Stock Ownership: Imperial family, 5 percent; noble families, 28 percent; Hortalez et Cie, 28 percent; investment trusts, 25 percent; private ownership, 14 percent.

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