Instellarms, LIC

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Instellarms, LIC: Manufacturing, buying, and selling military equipment of all sorts, Instellarms is a specialty supplier of private and public military units of all sizes and types. Agents of the firm can often be found on a battlefield, negotiating the purchase of the equipment of the losing side before the battle is completely over. The company does not deal in interstellar vessels or chemical, bacteriological, or nuclear weaponry.

Stock Ownership: Murdoch Holdings, LIC, 32 percent; Hortalez et Cie, 30 percent; noble families, 8 percent; Ling Standard Products, 6 percent; Ichiban Interstellar, LIC, 5 percent; GSbAG, 5 percent; Sternmetal Horizons, LIC, 8 percent; other, 6 percent. -mc RC