General Development Company (GeDCo)

A sector-wide firm active in Trojan Reach and the spinward portion of Reft.  GeDCo's charter obligates it not only to conduct interstellar trade, but also to increase tech levels.  To this end, the company runs a route from Deneb (1925 Deneb B537ADD-C) through Reft to Tobia (3215 Trojan Reach A444A55-F).

The company dates back to the period immediately following the Civil War, when Empress Arbellatra resettled many nobles - both supporters and rivals - on new border fiefs.  In 700, a group of these nobles pooled their resources to buy bankrupt fledgling lines, merging them to form GeDCo.

Economic historians credit GeDCo with raising the frontier's tech levels to the "average stellar" range.  This continuing goal of technological dispersion is supported by a variety of planetary industries that manufacture goods for offworld export.  Other subsidiary operations import higher-tech products and engage in speculative trade throughout GeDCo's territory.

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