(55a) Addendum to (55)

The Misha Campaign (295-1121)

Something Noticed by Robert

    Robert has set up the communications system to be monitoring the news broadcasts in case there's any mention of the WDC or references to Nightshade's activities.  Out here in the desert he had assumed that there would not be a signal, but it turns out that the broadcast TV channels are being relayed by satellite.  He is even more surprised when the ship alerts him that there has been a match.  A news broadcast, covered by a few channels, contains the following item near the end among the soft news.  This is a transcript:

    Anchor: ...and in local news, there may be hope for the student-teacher relationship, thanks to a privately funded scheme to train teachers in the use of humor in the classroom.  Adrian Mohl has more details.  Adrian?
    [cut to outside broadcast shot.  Presenter is standing in front of Starcom Central School.  Beside him is a well-dressed man in a suit, smiling broadly at the camera.]
    Mohl: I'm here with Gionni Delgado, whose firm is handling the project.  Mr. Delgado, can you tell us more about the program?
    Delgado: Certainly, Adrian.  We're calling the program "Jolly Teach," and we hope it will help teachers relate to their students by the use of light-hearted banter.  Teachers will spend time with stand-up comedians in the downtown theaters before the show starts, and get training in the art of comedy.  Transport will be donated by local taxi drivers -- there's a shift change about then, and the last cab ride will be right on time to make it happen.  Funding will be covered by a consortium of offworld investors in the music business, and is dependent on another immediate meeting with them over a whisky or two.  [laughs]  We confident that they will find the public relations benefits vital to the development of their corporation on Wonstar.  In fact, you could say that this is exactly the break they're looking for -- it's a bonny program.  But it does depend on the meeting taking place as soon as possible.
    Mohl: So, do you have a sample joke to leave us with tonight?
    Delgado: No, that we'll leave to the "Jolly Teach."
    Mohl: And now, back to the studio...