Track Denizens of Doom

General Event Regulations

(in effect for TrackDoD II event)

Equipment Requirements

Motorcycle Preparation

  1. Bike in good running condition, with no fluid leaks of any kind.
  2. New or nearly new tires of adequate speed rating must be used.  Tires must show no signs of ageing, and must have adequate tread depth throughout the entire event.
  3. Brake lights must be disabled or taped.
  4. Mirrors must be removed or taped.  Group coordinators may retain mirrors at their own discretion.
  5. Removable luggage and all other potential loose items are to be removed.
  6. Oil and other fluid drain plugs, filters, filler caps, and so on should be checked carefully before entering the track to ensure they are secure.  Riders are advised that safety wiring these items reduces the hazard of fluid spills; safety wiring is especially recommended for the Advanced Group, where full race stresses may be encountered.
  7. Motorcycles that leave the paved surface are subject to re-inspection before they are permitted to enter the track for another session.
  8. Riders should carefully consider whether fork-mounted aftermarket windshields and fairings could affect the stability of the motorcycle at high speeds and wind conditions; it is recommended that they be removed if there is any doubt.

Optional Motorcycle Preparation

The following items are not required, but are recommended:
  1. Bleed and flush brake fluid.

Rider Safety Gear

  1. Full face DOT or Snell helmet in good to excellent condition
  2. Full coverage leathers (top and bottom) or equivalent (kevlar, cordura, ballistic nylon, e.g. Aerostich).  Two piece outfits are permitted
  3. Abrasion-resistant boots that cover at least the ankle
  4. Full-fingered abrasion-resistant gloves

Pit and Grid Regulations

  1. Motorcycles must enter the track from the paddock via the grid.
  2. A motorcycle that leaves the pits into the paddock before a session is complete must re-enter via the grid area, at the direction of a grid worker.
  3. Riders are responsible for getting to the grid in a timely manner.  There may be no announcements outside the grid area.
  4. Motorcycles will be gridded as they arrive in order; requests to grid further down the order by the rider or a group coordinator will be honored when practical.
  5. There will be a five minute warning, at which time riders should be suited up and ready to enter the track.
  6. Motorcycles which are not running at the one minute warning are required to wait until the grid has cleared before entering the track under the direction of a grid worker.
  7. Riders are to leave the grid area only as directed by a grid worker.
  8. Motorcycles may not grid before the preceding group has left the grid at the start of their session.
  9. Riders who re-enter the track from the pits must do so with regard to traffic on the front straight; they should remain to the left until Turn One (Courage).
  10. Riders entering the pits from the track should stay to the left exiting Oak Tree, and clearly signal other riders of their intention by raising or extending a hand or foot.

On-Track Regulations


  1. If you overshoot Turn One via the extension of the straight, you may turn around and re-enter the track with caution and due regard to other riders.  You must come to a complete stop, ready to re-enter with a full view of the front straight, before returning to the track.  Be aware that other riders may overshoot as well before you have re-entered, and position yourself accordingly in a safe manner.
  2. Any motorcycle which leaves the paved track surface for any reason during a session must pit at the next opportunity to check the vehicle.  If in safe condition, it may complete the session but must be presented for a full technical re-inspection after the session.
  3. No grandstanding is permitted.  Examples include riding with no hands, burnouts, and gratuitous wheelies.  The basic criterion is whether the action was intended purely for amusement rather than as part of riding the track.


Note that individual groups may further restrict passing.
  1. Passing is permitted on the straights.
  2. Passing is permitted on the outside through corners.
  3. Passing is not permitted on the inside through corners.
  4. Riders who pass must do so with courtesy and in a safe manner.  Please maintain at least three feet between motorcycles whenever possible.

Flag Signals

Flags will be shown at the start-finish line, and may be shown at other locations around the track.  At VIR South Course, there are usually three flag stations: the exit of Courage, between the Fishhook and South Bend, and at Oak Tree; start-finish is located at the end of the pit wall.

The first lap of the first session for each group shall be under a standing yellow flag at all stations, to help riders pick out the flag locations.

Course Familiarization Session(s)

Group Regulations

Each of the groups may have additional regulations.  These are in addition to or, where applicable, instead of the general regulations.

Novice Group Regulations

Intermediate Group Regulations

Advanced Group Regulations

There's a lot of "optional" bike prep that you should consider (courtesy of Fred Farzanegan):

Virginia International Raceway
South Course

(insert course map, showing flag stations)

VIR Rules and Regulations

Paddock, Autocross, and all paved access roads - Speed limit in the paddock is 15 mph.  Speed limit on access roads is 25 mph.  Do not pound stakes or make any holes for any reason in any asphalt surface.  Offenders will be fined and may be ejected.  Do not paddock on any paved areas.  Do not fuel vehicles on any paved areas.  If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, you MUST have metal or wood under the jack and jack stands.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Do NOT paint any asphalt surface.

Corner Stations:  VIR does not permit corner workers to drive any vehicles, other than golf carts, to station.

Pets - VIR discourages bringing your pets to the track.  Pets will be allowed if they are leashed and if you clean up after them.  If we see pets unleashed, we will find the owner and both will be asked to leave.  Do NOT take leashed pets onto false grid or pit areas.

Disposal of waste fluid - Use of the drums located in several areas in the paddock(s) is mandatory for used oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and other polluting material.  Spillage will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the facility.

Fuel - VIR's fuel pumps are operable by CREDIT CARD ONLY during the posted hours -- generally 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m..  We will have available Unocal 110 leaded and 100 unleaded racing fuel, as well as Exxon 93 and 87-octane gas.

Showers - The showers are located in the North Paddock Main concession building restrooms.  Please be considerate of your compatriots regarding all water use.  Please do not leave faucets running or waste water in any way.

Gate hours - The main gate will generally be open from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. unless other arrangements have been made

Power - There is limited electrical power available.  The standard 20 amp duplex plugs are $10.  The 30 amp "shore" power for motor homes and large rigs/trailers will be available at $25 for the duration of the event.  VIR personnel will tag lines and collect the fees.

ATV's, golf carts, and bicycles - Use of ATV's, golf carts, pit carts, and bicycles is a fact of life in the track paddocks.  Common sense and care must be applied to their use.  Children should not operate or "learn to drive" at VIR.  Bicycle use will be tolerated as long as it is done safely.  Children (under 16) should be discouraged from riding bikes in the paddock.  Rollerblades, bicycles, and golf carts maybe permitted on the course following the end of the day's activities if time allows.

Noise - Unmuffled engines must not be run between 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m..

Fireworks and weapons - Fireworks and guns are strictly prohibited anywhere on grounds.

Alcohol - To comply with our State and County operating permits VIR can not allow anyone to bring in alcoholic beverages.  Coolers will be permitted for personal use with no restrictions.  Beer and wine will be available for sale at our concession stands, but they must be consumed within our posted area.