Event Regulations for TrackDoD n

to be held on Whatday Nth Month, Year

Event Personnel

Event Chairman
Group Coordinator(s), Novice
Group Coordinator(s), Intermediate
Group Coordinator(s), Advanced
Worker Coordinator

General Regulations

This event is subject to the TrackDoD General Regulations, and to any special regulations pertaining to Virginia International Raceway.


Whatday Nth Month, Year

    Novice group orientation session(s), location(s) TBA

Whatday Nth Month, Year

7:00 am Gates open
7:30 am On-site Technical Inspection by Group Coordinators begins
8:00 am Mandatory riders meeting in the South Tower classroom.  All riders must attend.
8:20 am Brief workers meeting in the South Tower classroom
8:30 am -- 8:50 am Course Familiarization Session


This is open to rider participants and course workers only.  All street vehicles, two- and four-wheeled, and all motorcycles are permitted.  Vehicles must enter and leave via the pit road, and must not exceed a speed of 50 mph during the session.  Cornering must be at SLOW street speeds.  No passing is permitted except as waved by on the front straight only.

Be aware that course workers may be stopping on their way to station.

The end of this session will be signalled by a checker flag at start-finish.  All vehicles are to immediately complete the lap they are on, and procede to the paddock via the pit road.

8:55 am Course workers should be on station and ready.
9:00 am Open schedule of approx. 20 minute sessions, by group:
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Novice
Each session may be immediately followed by a discussion session of up to 20 minutes in the South Tower classroom, at the discretion of the group coordinator.
12 noon, approx. 1 hour lunch break
after lunch Open schedule of 20 minute sessions resumes
5:30 pm Track closes
7:00 pm Gates close

VIR Rules and Regulations

Paddock, Autocross, and all paved access roads - Speed limit in the paddock is 15 mph.  Speed limit on access roads is 25 mph.  Do not pound stakes or make any holes for any reason in any asphalt surface.  Offenders will be fined and may be ejected.  Do not paddock on any paved areas.  Do not fuel vehicles on any paved areas.  If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, you MUST have metal or wood under the jack and jack stands.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Do NOT paint any asphalt surface.

Disposal of waste fluid and environmental debris - Use of the drums located in several areas in the paddock(s) is mandatory for used oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and other polluting material.  Spillage will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the facility.  Participants are to take with them all used tires, batteries and unwanted parts.  Environmental debris left behind may result in fines or fees to the Participant or to the Associate Member leasing the facility.

Infield Roads - Absolutely no imbedding of new brakes and or / testing vehicles on infield roads.

Fences - No jumping any fences or going into areas behind spectator fences without first getting permission from emergency personnel.

Fuel - VIR shall have available for credit card sale only, four grades of racing gasoline 93 & 100 octane unleaded, and 110 & 114 octane leaded racing fuel.  Because network guidelines require the pumps to pre-authorize a transaction before it starts, it will automatically put a hole for $100.00 per transaction on that credit card.  Unfortunately the customers issuing Credit Card Company control this.  We suggest that you make your racers aware that their credit card company may put a hold on their credit card for $100.00 each time they use the pumps, all holds should be released from their credit cars within 24 hours.

Showers - The showers are located in the North Paddock Main concession building restrooms.  Please be considerate of your compatriots regarding all water use.  Please do not leave faucets running or waste water in any way.

Gate hours - The main gate will generally be open from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. unless other arrangements have been made.

Camping - Participants are only allowed to camp at VIR if th renter agrees to pay for overnight security.  Campers will be charged the amount of $5.00 per person, per night, children 12 and under are free.  The amount of security needed for overnight camping is at VIR's management's discretion.

Power - There is limited electrical power available.  VIR personnel will tag lines and collect fees for their use.  Participants who have paid for camping will no be charged for the use of power.

ATV's, golf carts, pit cars, and bicycles - Use of ATV's, golf carts, pit cars, and bicycles is a fact of life in the track paddocks.  Common sense and care must be applied to their use.  Children should not operate or "learn to drive" at VIR.  Children (under 16) are prohibited from riding bikes, roller blades, skates, skateboards, and scooters in the paddock during hot track hours.  Children may be permitted to ride them at the conclusion of the day as long as they do so safely.

Noise - Unmuffled engines must not be run between 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.  There is a mandatory quiet hour on Sundays from 11:00am until 12:00noon

Fireworks and weapons - Fireworks and guns are strictly prohibited anywhere on grounds.

Alcohol - To comply with our State and County operating permits VIR cannot allow anyone to bring in alcoholic beverages.  Coolers will be permitted for personal use with no restrictions.  Beer and wine are available for sale at our concession stands, but they must be consumed within our posted areas.

Food Service - VIR has an exclusive relationship with Jim Ray of Events Catering.  If you would like to arrange food or beverage service please contact him at 804/822-7700.

Pets - VIR discourages bringing pets to the track.  Pets will be allowed if they are leashed and if you clean up after them.  If we see pets unleashed, we will find the owner and both will be asked to leave.  Do NOT take leashed pets onto false grid or pit areas.  Pets are also not allowed in any of VIR's buildings or the concession area.

Music - No loud music or bass-boomers, be considerate of neighbors.

Pit Wall - Standing on pit wall or applying any tape to it is prohibited.

Campfires - Campfires/Ground fires are not allowed.

Track Closed - The racecourse is closed from 5:30pm to 8:30am to motorized traffic.

Smoking - Smoking in VIR's building is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.  Please place all extinguished cigarettes in the receptacles provided.