Karin / Five Sisters / Spinward Marches

Disaster Strikes Research Station

A Scout Service official today confirmed rumors that a classified Imperial Research Station has been destroyed in a natural disaster of unprecedented scale.  Reading from a prepared statement, he stated that the location of the station and the nature of its research would not be disclosed for security reasons, but that in order to forestall rumors some details could be revealed.

The planet in question "experienced a major impact event" which caused "substantial damage to the biosphere" in addition to eliminating the research station.  Initial surveys indicate that the world was struck by a hail of large planetoid fragments, some of which penetrated the crust.  The area where the station was located is now occupied by a vast lava plain.

It was emphasized that the disaster was completely natural and in no way related to the research in progress.  Devastation on this scale cannot be produced by any man-made event.  In addition, the two ships in orbit would not have been affected by an accident at the station no matter how large, and there is by now no question that both ships were also lost in the event.  There could be no survivors in a disaster of this scope.

The research station was located on a minor planet and was the only settlement on the world.  No other occupants of the system were affected; in fact, the event went unnoticed on the mainworld.  The disaster was only discovered when a routine supply ship arrived on 250-1121 to find the station missing; the event must have occured within the preceding month.

No further information was given in the statement, and the official refused to answer any questions.