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Author Akim Gavrolovitch Dead at 41

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Thriller author Akim Gavrolovitch has been reported dead in a hunting accident.  According to a report filed at Resten, Gavrolovitch died on 289-1119 on the Red Zone planet Gorram (2322 Spinward Marches; X554220-0).  There were no witnesses, but the report indicates that he was shooting from the airlock of a gcarrier; an animal struck the vehicle, killing him instantly.  Gavrolovitch was 41.

A native of the planet Capon (2324 Spinward Marches; B747748-A), Gavrolovitch was the author of several subsector bestsellers, including Gram Rising, Porky's War, and The Iderati Conspiracy.  His book Archduke Bedlam was notorious for its barely-disguised portrayal of Archduke Dulinor, and was banned in Ilelish as a result.

Gavrolovitch leaves one posthumous manuscript: the novel The Arden Gambit is due to be published early next year.