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Navy denies Zhodani captured with Ine Givar

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The Traveller's Aid Society has obtained an exclusive interview with Major Windan Lorimer, Imperial Marines (ret.), recently returned from six months of duty as a captain of auxiliaries engaged in counter-insurgency actions on Efate (Regina 0105-A646930-D).

In the interview, Major Lorimer revealed that four months ago his battalion became engaged in a firefight and subsequently captured twenty insurgents, two of which were officers. Subsequent medical examination revealed that one of the two was actually a Zhodani officer serving as an advisor to the Ine Givar cadres.

In response to queries concerning Major Lorimer's claims, Rear Admiral Lord Santanocheev, CINCNINT/RS (Commander-in-Chief, Naval Intelligence, Regina Subsector) today held a press conference during which he claimed that Naval Intelligence was convinced that there was neither Zhodani or Ine Givar involvement in the Efate disturbances.

"What we have on Efate is a local, very minor situation. We're handling it with local forces and a few mercenary contingents. If it were serious, we could commit army or marine assets. We have some very potent assets in this subsector, but we haven't felt the need to commit them. This is not a serious situation," he reported.

When asked about the report of a Zhodani officer, Lord Santanocheev replied, "Naval Intelligence has this man in custody, and I can assure you that he is not a Zhodani officer, or a Zhodani anything. I fought the Zhodani twenty years ago in this subsector. I know the Zhodani, and this man is not a Zhodani."

When contacted afterwards, Major Lorimer refused to comment on the Admiral's remarks, beyond insisting that his original reports had been accurate.