RCR Awards

Not all RCR's have had awards, and some have done so less formally than others.  All those for which I have records are recorded here:


This being the first RCR, we hadn't thought much about awards yet.  Cliff Weston did afterwards award the DoD Most Pencil of Neck to Jim Small, but since Cliff wasn't Oompah it doesn't count.  Seth "Roid" Zirin was widely acknowledged to be the loudest.  The only obvious award was:

Keeper of the Hangover
Jack Tavares


Again, no RCR-specific awards were handed out yet.  Keeper of the Hangover does not seem to have been awarded, although Chrispy was certainly a deserving candidate.  Both Nick Pettefar (for his antics on the GS) and Tim Seiss (for a well-documented Main Street display) could have qualified for a Squid Award had there been one, beating out James "Roofing Nail" Bothwell.


I have no records of any awards here.  In fact, I don't really have records of anything for this event.  I would love to correct that.


There were official awards at Wetmar.  Under the direction of Oompah Jim Bessette, Mike Beavington conducted the awards ceremony.

Mike Beavington's Comments
Bravest Pillion
Annette Behanna wins the award after dealing with too many hours on the back of the old honda 360 (ow, ow, ow!). Chris, be nice next time, buy a goldwing seat for the ZX-11!
(the smashed electrode award)
Bike Most Likely Not To Make It Back
There was actually no question about whether the bike was going to make it back, given that it was in the back of a u-haul (Steve Garnier with his old XS-11 and the driveshaft of many pieces)
Most Memorable Moment Stay tuned to the web pages for the answer to this one!
[This went to "Akane" Martyn Wheeler's '87 Suzuki Intruder 700, for cavorting with Muffy and supporting cast on stage]
Iron Butt - Longest Distance Well this was a close one. The award went to the couple from Florida [Jim & Lou Groh]. Honorable mention goes to Tom Gent; he had travelled just as far, but with far less trouble.
Best Nocturnal Noises It appears that Mr. Kadis [Jon Kadis] had not finished the wonderful sport-touring ride he piloted on saturday. Jon was heard to be shouting 'Come-on guys' from his slumber. Thanks Jon, snooring is always so commonplace :-)
Cruelest Bike The Duc 916 looked pretty cruel, but the old honda 350 would probably have been one of the most uncomfortable touring bikes. [Doug Davis]
Largest Moving Land Mass I thought Amy Spiker was impressive with the virago and sidecar combination, but the Hog sidecar rig was indeed the largest  motorcycle powered vehicle I have every seen!
Best Excuse Not To Ride Ian Howie's photo journal of the remains of his FJ1200 and the car he totalled off were impressive. I didn't know forks could snap off like that =8-0. I hope he gets his thesis finished so he can get a real job and a bike. Oh yeah, great coffee and tea management! Iangetabike.
Baring's Financial Management Award Cliff "I want to be a lion tamer" Weston
(little toy porsche...the closest he'll ever get to a real sports car based on his creative financial management)
Obviously Cliff is not a fan of Monty Python and the subtlety of "I want to be a lion tamer" was lost on him. Cliff, watch more TV.
Drooling Spagthorpe Award
Most Appreciated Person
The rawhide bone award went to Jim "Dances with Moose" Bessette for his wonderful efforts. I'm sure he has learned his lesson about hosting an RCR!
Keeper of the Hangover Sadly, the award was inconclusive. Martyn seemed to recover fairly well from his serious imbibing of spirits the night before (although people had heard a few groans as he was standing at the coffee table). Ted also recovered well; it apears that he has had a lot of practice! The award went back with me to Canada where it will most certainly be awarded at the Canadian Assault 1.1. [No Award]
Feats in the Horizontal Plane Thankfully there were no real incedents to define a certain winner. However, Kit (catness) managed to give onlookers a little humourous scene when the slippery grass got the best of the CB-1.

Joe Ogulin also won a nice disc lock as an award for getting his bike stolen a few too many times in the last three months!


Again, Mike Beavington did the awards.  I have no record of the others.

Keeper of the Hangover Irish Paul (Paul O'Callighan)
Worst Conceivable Prediction Awarded to Mike Beavington by Steve Garnier, whose bike did make it back to the next RCR
Largest Moving Landmass
Amy Spiker, for her Harley-Davidson FLT sidehack rig
Bravest Pillion
Sari Weston
Best Excuse Not To Ride
Chris Behanna


The Oompah was too exhausted to do awards.  I think he blamed it on sunburned feet, or something lame like that.


(Again, no record of awards)


There were more:

Bravest Pillion Liz Weaver, for riding with a "questionable character"
Denizen In Training
Matt Somer
Most Memorable Moment
Lisa Louque, for spending the entire weekend in a swimsuit
Largest Moving Landmass
Amy Spiker, for her Harley-Davidson FLT sidecar rig
Everybody Wants To Be My Baby
Thao Huynh, for his Honda VFR800
Hippest Bike
Mr. Bill, for The Duchess


There were of course more than this:

Bike Least Likely to Make It Back Tom Biggs' FJ1200, which didn't actually make it to the RCR
Feats in the Horizontal Plane
Andy Donohue, who highsided his Concours at low speed on wet grass on the way down to the RCR
Love Glove Blake Johnson for fashion statements above and beyond the call of duty
Best Excuse Not to Ride
Dave Lawrence
Lucas Prince of Darkness
Chris Behanna, for riding into camp with a barely functioning headlight
Ratbike Award
Jim Groh, for his Harley
Keeper of the Miniscule Piston
Martyn Wheeler, for his Yamaha RD400C
Bravest Pillion
Liz Weaver
Jail Bait Award
Darren Wright, for his licence status
Long Distance Award
The NEDoD contingent, accepted by Mark Holbrook

Chrispy Memorial Award for Gaseous Emissions
Chris Behanna
Dolly Parton Jugs Dragging in the Dirt
Mike Lambert, for having a zero-mph tipover on his brand new R-bike when he got to camp


There were more than this, but this is all I have:

Keeper of the Hangover
No award
Most Memorable Moment
The Flood
Tackiest Lawn Ornament
Jim Kerick, for his pink flamingo


Rob provided the awards.  I wonder what the others were?

Keep It Running
Jim Kerick, for fixing his NEW Ducati ST2 after it spit out the bolt holding the shifter lever to the shifter shaft.
(Attending all RCR's)
Mr. Bill, Dave Lawrence, Ian Howie, Martyn Wheeler
Last to Arrive
Charlie Smith, for making it to camp just as dinner was being served
Fredneck Pondscum III
Feats in the Horizontal Plane
Mr. Pou
Kelly Bowers
Keeper of the Hangover
no award


Again, there were awards.  I don't remember what the rest of them were.

Oompah Camped Farthest from the RCR Jim Kerick


(not held yet)