Kawasaki Zephyr 750 (ZR750) (91-92)

(updated September 99)

Rim Stock Size
Front 3.00x17 120/70H17
Rear 4.00x17 150/70H17

Manufacturers' Recommendations

Manufacturer Front size Rear size
Avon AV27 120/70ZR17 AV281 150/70R17
AV27 120/70ZR17 AV36 Azaro 150/70ZR17
AV35 Azaro 120/70ZR17 AV36 Azaro 150/70ZR17
Bridgestone G547 120/70H17 G548 150/70H17
BT35 120/70H17 BT35 150/70H17
BT45 120/70H17 BT45 150/70H17
BT54 120/70ZR17 BT54 150/70ZR17
Dunlop K505F (OE) 120/70H17 K505 (OE) 150/70H17
K591 Elite SP 120/70B17 K591 Elite SP 140/70B17
Metzeler ME 33 Laser 120/70V17 ME 55 A 150/70VB17
ME Z1 120/70ZR17 ME Z2 150/70ZR17
ME Z2 120/70ZR17 ME Z2 150/70ZR17
Michelin Macadam 50 120/70H17 Macadam 50 150/70H17
Macadam XA 120/70ZR17 Macadam 90X 150/70ZR17
Pirelli MTR 03 120/70ZR17 MTR 04 150/70ZR17

Martyn's Opinion

General Comments

The Zephyr 750 is a much under-rated bike.  Contemporary with the introduction of Honda's Nighthawk, it's so much a more modern machine that it justifies the extra cost over the Honda -- but the market goes for price, and the Zephyr lost out in the end.  Still, that's no reason to ignore it's capabilities when choosing tyres.  The Zephyr is the perfect Q-ship, a bike that looks like a standard but is capable of so much more, and is engineered to work with modern tyre technology.

The Safe Bet

The Safe Bet Brand Model Size MAW
Front Metzeler ME-Z1 120/70ZR17 $101
Rear Metzeler ME-Z2 150/70ZR17 $112

The ME-Z1/ME-Z2 combination is a well-established set of tyres that works well on almost any standard or sportbike.  Although the Zephyr originally came on bias-ply tyres, these Metzelers are so accepted by the riding community that I have no hesitation calling them a conservative choice.  The Zephyr will benefit greatly from radials, and these are the standard against which all others are compared.

A Tight Budget

A Tight Budget Brand Model Size MAW
Front Bridgestone BT45 Sports Mileage 120/70H-17 $84
Rear Bridgestone BT45 Sports Mileage 150/70H-17 $93

The least expensive set is the Bridgestone BT45.  While not giving the benefits of radials, it is nevertheless a very good tyre indeed.  This is the replacement for the well-known BT35, and improves on that with better traction, especially wet traction.  It's a good tyre.

General Purpose, Touring, Sport-Touring, Sport-Riding

Sport-Touring Brand Model Size MAW
Front Metzeler ME-Z4 120/70ZR17 $115
Rear Metzeler ME-Z4 150/70ZR17 $139

Metzeler has recently come out with the new ME-Z4, and it should last just as long as the ME-Z1/ME-Z2 with better wet and dry traction, and improved highway stability.  This should be a superb tyre for this bike.

Martyn's Choice

Brand Model Size MAW
Front Metzeler ME-Z4 120/70ZR17 $115
Rear Metzeler ME-Z4 150/70ZR17 $139

There's no doubt in my mind that this bike deserves radials, and the Z4 is the hot ticket.  Although it's relatively new and not as widespread as the Z1/Z2, it is a definite improvement over the earlier tyres, and I'd have no hesitation whatsoever about putting a set of the Z4's on a Zephyr.

The Full List

(from MAW and manufacturer web pages)

Exact matched pairs

Brand Front size MAW Rear size MAW
Avon AV27 120/70ZR17 $131 AV281 150/70-R17
AV27 120/70ZR17 $128 Azaro AV36 150/70-R17 $148
Azaro AV35 120/70ZR17 $107 Azaro AV36 150/70-R17 $148
Bridgestone BT35 Sports Mileage 120/70H-17 BT35 Sports Mileage 150/70H-17
BT45 Sports Mileage 120/70H-17 $84 BT45 Sports Mileage 150/70H-17 $93
BT54 Sports Touring 120/70ZR17 $102 BT54 Sports Touring 150/70ZR17 $109
Dunlop D205 Sport/Touring 120/70ZR17 $93 D205 Sport/Touring 150/70ZR17 $138
Metzeler ME-33 Laser 120/70V-17 $90 ME-55A Metronic 150/70VB17 $138
ME-Z1 120/70ZR17 $101 ME-Z2 150/70ZR17 $112
ME-Z2 120/70ZR17 $115 ME-Z2 150/70ZR17 $112
ME-Z4 120/70ZR17 $115 ME-Z4 150/70ZR17 $139
Michelin Macadam 50 120/70V-17 $106 Macadam 50 150/70V-17 $127
Macadam 90X 120/70ZR17 $88 Macadam 90X 150/70ZR17 $107
Pirelli Dragon GT MTR03 120/70ZR17 $101 Dragon GT MTR04 150/70ZR17 $127
Dragon GTS MTR23 120/70ZR17 $138 Dragon GTS MTR24 150/70ZR17 $142
Match MT09 120/70VB17 $96 Match MT08 150/70VB17 $127

Listing by Manufacturer


Front size MAW match Rear size MAW match
AV27 120/70ZR17 $131 exact AV281 150/70-R17 exact
Azaro AV35 120/70ZR17 $107 exact Azaro AV36 150/70ZR17 $148 exact
ST23 160/70ZR17 $137 wide


Front size MAW match Rear size MAW match
BT35 Sports Mileage 120/70H-17 exact BT35 Sports Mileage 150/70H-17 exact
BT45 Sports Mileage 120/70H-17 $84 exact BT45 Sports Mileage 150/70H-17 $93 exact
BT50 Sports Perform. 120/70ZR17 $89 exact
BT54 Sports Touring 120/70ZR17 $102 exact BT54 Sports Touring 150/70ZR17 $109 exact
BT56 Ultra Sports Perf 120/70ZR17 exact BT56 Ultra Sports Perf 160/60ZR17 wide
BT56SS Extreme Sp/Perf 120/70ZR17 $94 exact BT56SS Extreme Sp/Perf 160/60ZR17 $116 wide
BT57 Sports Perform. 120/70ZR17 $113 exact BT57 Sports Perform 160/60ZR17 $137 wide
BT92 Sports Mileage 120/70HR17 $65 exact BT92 Sports Mileage 160/60HR17 $103 wide
BT92 Sports Mileage 150/60HR17 short


Front size MAW match Rear size MAW match
Sport 2000 120/70V-17 $76 exact
Sport 2000 Radial 120/70ZR17 exact Sport 2000 Radial 160/60ZR17 $156 wide


Front size MAW match Rear size MAW match
D204 Sportmax II ZR 120/70ZR17 exact D204 Sportmax II ZR 160/60ZR17 $117 wide
D204 Sportmax II ZR 150/60ZR17 $114 short
D205 Sport/Touring 120/70ZR17 $93 exact D205 Sport/Touring 150/70ZR17 $138 exact
D207 Sportmax 120/70ZR17 $111 exact
K177 Touring 120/80HB17 tall
K455 Radial 120/70VR17 exact
K510 120/70VR17 $98 exact K510 160/60VR17 wide
K591 Sport Touring 160/70VB17 $99 wide


Front size MAW match Rear size MAW match
Carapace RS-320 150/70H-17 $89 exact
Wildflare WF-920 120/80H-17 $73 tall


Front size MAW match Rear size MAW match
ME-33 Laser 120/70V-17 $90 exact ME-55A Metronic 150/70H-17 exact
ME-55A Metronic 150/70HB17 exact
ME-55A Metronic 150/70V-17 exact
ME-55A Metronic 150/70VB17 $138 exact
ME-880 Marathon 120/70VR17 $103 exact ME-880 Marathon 160/70VR17 $132 wide
ME-Z1 120/70ZR17 $101 exact ME-Z1 150/60ZR17 short
ME-Z2 120/70ZR17 $115 exact ME-Z2 150/70ZR17 $112 exact
ME-Z3 120/70ZR17 $118 exact ME-Z3 150/60ZR17 $145 short
ME-Z3 160/60ZR17 $148 wide
ME-Z4 120/70ZR17 $115 exact ME-Z4 150/70ZR17 $139 exact
ML2 120/80H-17 $97 tall
ML2 120/80V-17 tall


Front size MAW match Rear size MAW match
Hi-Sport TX15 120/70ZR17 $150 exact Hi-Sport TX25 160/60ZR17 $181 wide
Hi-Sport TX25 150/60ZR17 $174 short
Macadam 50 120/70V-17 $106 exact Macadam 50 150/70V-17 $127 exact
Macadam 50 150/70H-17 $118 exact
Macadam 90X 120/70ZR17 $88 exact Macadam 90X 150/70ZR17 $107 exact


Front size MAW match Rear size MAW match
Dragon GT MTR03 120/70ZR17 $101 exact Dragon GT MTR04 150/70ZR17 $127 exact
Dragon GTS MTR23 120/70ZR17 $106 exact Dragon GTS MTR24 150/70ZR17 $131 exact
Dragon MTR01 120/70ZR17 $112 exact Dragon MTR02 150/60ZR17 $137 short
Dragon MTR02 160/60ZR17 $140 wide
Match MT09 120/70VB17 $96 exact Match MT08 150/70VB17 $127 exact
MT75 150/70H-17 exact


Exact Precisely matches original spec
Excellent Precisely matches a recommended alternate
Good An exact or alternate in a different sizing system
Short Exact or excellent width, lower profile.  Consider these both ends to lower the bike
Soft Similar diameter by using a taller profile and narrower width; used on the rear only
Tall Taller profile, stock width; similar in effect to "soft", but for the front only
Wide Same profile, wider tyre.  This MAY NOT FIT your rim.  BE CAREFUL!!!