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Udipeni: Though beautiful and varied, Udipeni would not have its present volume of traffic and tourism were it not for the Iilodav Music Festival. Performers and performing groups come from all over Margaret's realm to study and perform here.

Hallow's performance facilities are superb, and the Meinel Conservatory has a libraryof music that many claim is unequaled within the Imperium. The range of compositions that can be heard here includes selections from the ancient Kilatis' of Baarid Garuud, and the Ciaconas and Fugues of Dietrich Buxtehude, the most modern compositions of Bran Ralu, Eafeahkhail Eeskha, and Robin Garcia. There are even occasional performances of the music and drama of Droyne, Hiver, Vargr, and non-Imperial Aslan cultures.

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