Picard's Belt (2440 Gateway C000510-A)

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Picard's Belt (2440 Gateway C000510-A): A vast cloud of asteroids circles this F6 star in numbers so great the star itself seems lost in a thick, smokey haze. Several hundred asteroid colonies have been established in the outer fringes of the system, which sustains itself by mining various ores for export, primarily to the Viyard Concourse.

Of particular interest are the ruins, artifacts, and anomalies discovered on numerous planetoids within the belt. None can be identified, and the intelligence behind them is unknown. Examples include a featureless 20-cm sphere of unknown alloy and purpose, pyramidal buildings with no accessible entrances, and a 50-km asteroid which has been cored by some process which left only a ring of nickle iron with mirror-polished inner walls. It has been suggested that the artifacts are the product of an alien civilization inhabiting asteroids deeper within the Belt, but the theory remains unproven and speculative. -gat MTJ 4