(3124 Spinward Marches, 0704 Mora; AA99AC7-F)

Currently serving as the capital of the Domain of Deneb, Mora sits fairly near the Domain's astrographic center.  The bulk of the world's 10 billion population resides in a sprawling mega-city, straddling the equator and covering most of the major continent.  Delphine, Duchess of Mora, currently holds the reins of power in the world's matriarchy.

Mora is also Capital of the Spinward Marches sector, and site of the first major Imperial establishment in that sector.  It was settled in 60 and financed by Ling Standard Products.  It was soon a thriving trade centre, building new ships, overhauling old ones, and producing other manufactured goods on the side.  The Domain government offices, and the official residence of the Archduke, are contained in the huge Giyachii arcology, built off the coast of the sole Moran major continent.

At one end of the trade routes through to the Sword Worlds Confederation and the Darrians, Mora became known as the "Gateway to the Marches".  It is located near the trailing end of the Spinward Main, where it passes from Deneb sector into the Spinward Marches.

Beyond its importance as the Domain's capital, the Mora system's belt is home to most of the significant biotech industries.  The belt environment has provided them with a safe and flexible environment for research while being positioned at a large nexus of trade routes.

Mora has two asteroidal moons of great age. Current theories hold that they are cometary remnants.

Mora is the site of the most prestigious University in the Marches, and it is also well known as one of the top schools in the Imperium.  The departments of  hypermaths, journalism, xenoarcheology, and parapsychology are particularly reknowed throughout the Imperium.  The state of the art facilities, excellent funding, and freewheeling research atmosphere attract only the very best to the UoM's faculty.  The University can afford to be choosy: while many apply, only a very few are accepted.   While the admittance requirements comply with Imperial Standard, the guidelines used to select from the qualified applicants are a closely guarded secret.

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