Mater (1819 Daibei E766300-8)

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Mater (1819 Daibei E766300-8): Mater was colonized by an ecology-minded group from Corve (1729 Daibei E472ABA-B) who felt that technology had utterly ruined their home planet. They sought a Terran-like planet on which to return to what they call "man's natural state - a hunter-gatherer society with no high technobgy". This return was carefully planned and researched, including ideal population densities and control mechanisms. The most advanced items now seen on the planet are tech level 8 implements, fashioned from native metals. Only items that "spare the environment rather than polluting it" (such as solar reflectors) are allowed.

Starships may land on Mater if their crews do no harm to the ecology while they are there. There is little to trade, and the inhabitants may or may not be nearby because of their semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Offworlders who have lived with the Matrans say that the locals live well, and are able to provide for themselves with minimal effort each day. The planet offers an excellent variety of both plants and animals which can be hunted.

Others may be shocked by the locals' "deprivation". The Matrans seem quite content with their chosen lot, however. -dai TD 15