Kakhiw (1308 Ealiyasiyw B5647K6-C)

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Kakhiw (1308 Ealiyasiyw B5647K6-C): Both Aslan and Droyne inhabit Kakhiw. Nearly a third of the planet's 10,000,000 inhabitants are Droyne loyal to the Okakhiwao clan. The Droyne settlement, Nadaybthu, prospered before the Aslan's coming, but cooperation between races has done even more to bolster the local economy.

Accustomed to the talents of the psionic Droyne, a few Aslan have begun studying these disciplines. Other elements of Droyne culture, especially its mysticism, have also seeped into the life of the Okakhiwao. The world's unique cultural mix has made it a popular tourist spot recently. -eal TD 18