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Kaflowe: First Imperium records indicate that early migratory colonists were the first to travel to this world. They found a local ecology that was almost totally incompatible with human life.

The migrants were ill-prepared to cope with this, since most of the precolonization surveys had been orbital. Only one biological group was found to be edible, a symbiotic triad of bird, rodent, and plant. Until plants from the migrant's homeworld could be coaxed to grow, this triad was the sole source of food and had to be husbanded with extreme care. Thus this special triad assumed a significance all out of proportion to its ecological niche.

Today's attitude toward the triad is little short of mystical adoration, though the food problem has long since been solved. The grilin bird is protected and encouraged to multiply by the planting of the siccradit tree. The mikat rodent is also allowed to run free, despite its taste for certain human crops.

A religion has grown up around the concept of the symbiotic triad in the past 400 years. Its central tenets enjoin cooperation and harmonious living, so the theology has a more or less calming influence on the culture.

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