Gilden (2415 Daibei A331400-F)

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Gilden (2415 Daibei A331400-F): Gilden's people are divided into 17 clans with assigned territories which were agreed upon early in the world's colonization history. This gives each clan control of certain resources and industries as well as such agriculture as can be managed on a near-desert world.

The children are raised collectively by the clan after about age 3, and are trained to work in one of the clan specialties. Interclan marriage is possible, but not common - when it does occur, the woman pins the man's clan and is retrained for a new duty.

Gilden was colonized by refugees from Wagnild (2214 Daibei) who fled during Wagnild's human genetic experiments. Wagnild's experiments eventually proved to have many negative side effects. Difficulties in dealing with or accepting the "artificials" (as they were called by the locals) lead many "naturals" (another local term) to relocate to Gilden.

Genetics became a proscribed science on Wagnild and a taboo on Gilden. Still, for all their advanced technology, Gildenites have largely ignored the perils of inbreeding. An increasing percentage of birth defects has been bringing down the working population significantly in the last few decades.

Effort being made by some clans to encourage cross-clan marriages are resisted by other clans. One stubborn clan has dwindled to a mere 200 individuals because many of their children have died, and most of their women have gone to other groups to marry. -dai TD 15